10 of the Dreamiest Countryside Hotels in Italy

Want to stay inside a thousand-year-old castle in Italy?

Vast stretches of rural landscapes leading to centuries-old properties will greet you when checking into these idyllic hotels from Piedmont to Puglia. When not dining on the regional fare or learning local traditions, the Italian way of life, dolce far neinte, otherwise known as pleasant idleness, will become your favorite pastime.

15 Spectacular Cruises for Travelers Who Hate Cruise Ships

Not a fan of cruise ships? Sail down the Amazon River, travel Norway's Fjords, or island-hop in the Caribbean without the crowds and buffets of a major cruise liner.

If you’ve ever drawn gasps from a horrified crowd with “I don’t like cruises,” then this article is for you. The massive modern cruise ship industry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even before COVID-19, the idea of setting sail with Norovirus nightmare stories, questionable ethics, social directors, and daunting environmental impacts turned off sustainable and slow travelers, rights activists, and introverts. Despite the drawbacks of big cruises, there is a certain magic in pulling up to port at a new destination. Those who steer clear of the big ships don’t have to miss out. These top cruising alternatives offer do-it-yourself options for classic routes, new destinations, authenticity, a reduced carbon footprint, and don’t shake down the local economies. Time to set sail!

10 Better-Than-Europe Experiences You Can Have in the U.S.

And if they're not better, they're pretty close to being just as good.

Let’s start by addressing the obvious elephant in the room: yes, it’s impossible to substitute a European vacation with anything other than, well, a European vacation. But hear me out, it is possible to come pretty darn close. There are at least 10 European-inspired activities you can participate in throughout the United States. Some pay homage to the original experience by going to great lengths to replicate it, while others sneakily manage to one-up their European counterpart. In some cases, Mother Nature has simply outdone herself in North America. In others, it’s the companies and destinations that have discovered how to outshine the overseas competition by homing in on the very best attributes of each experience while eliminating some of the frustrations. From encountering fewer crowds to increased access that gets you up-close-and-personal with some of these marvels, you’re bound to see the beauty (and convenience) of these U.S.-based alternatives to European vacations.

8 of the World’s Most Decadent Pizzas

That’s (more) a’more!

Some pizza makers approach their recipes with something akin to minimalism. A classic Neapolitan pizza, for example, is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and maybe a little fresh basil. Others have clearly gazed upon an empty plane of pizza dough and recognized it as a blank canvas. A medium through which the most unbridled of culinary desires may be unleashed. Here are some of the most decadent pizzas the world has to offer.