The Globetrotter featuring Hilton Santa Fe and Hilton Buenos Aires Barbie “Glamping” Experience

As a travel expert it’s important to continue to find some unusual things for my clients to do. As a child I can remember getting my first Barbie…then her DreamCamper and finally that DreamHouse that was bigger than me! I can remember my Granny making me clothes and taking the scraps from her work to make me matching outfits for my Barbie! For many. Barbie has inspired them and helped to build self esteem. If Barbie can do it then so can you is the theme that has continuously been at the heart of the doll’s motto for 60 years.

Barbie turned 60 this year and as she is the world’s most popular doll,  both Hilton Buenos Aires and Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe have created an experience for guests to celebrate! Each detail of the experience of  living life like Barbie from arrival to departure has been well thought out. As a former Barbie hoarder and fan they have really outdone themselves!


When guests arrive, they will have plenty to do! There’s a photoshoot opt with an oversized iconic pink shoe, a pool side glammed out area ajacted to the suite, complete with hot pink Barbie cushion and towels. There’s even a  pink carpet at check in!  The room features a  a life sized DreamCamper which serves as a dress up studio as well as sleeping accommodations. 

Since her creation by Ruth Handler in 1959, Barbie has been a busy role model. She has enjoyed 200 careers, a recent moon visit and six campaigns for president. The doll has inspired girls to be anything they want to be; and. in demand too with  her sales one every three seconds! 

At the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, guests will receive a welcome kit full of swag from Colgate and Avon making them feel like the little rock star princesses they are. In addition, the hotel’s signature restaurant, MADERA has created an exclusive culinary experience complete with strawberry ice cream treats, gnocchi in a pink cream sauce and heart shaped pizzas!

At the Hilton Buenos Aires, the first Barbie room was created in 2004. Their glamping experience is located on the first floor and offers a connecting room for the adults. The bedding and activities are all Barbie themed to further enhance the experience.

If you are thinking about gifting this experience to your favorite little girl, you’ll need to act fast as the dedicated Barbie experience runs through 2019.