The Globetrotter featuring Guyana                        

If you love the outdoors, and are looking for a little weekend adventure; Guyana just might be the ticket for you! Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America and there’s a direct flight from both NYC and Miami. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil,Suriname and Venezuela. It has 80 percent virgin rainforests in addition to some 910 different bird species. It’s also home to the  Red Handed Howler Monkey. Due to consistent conservation efforts chances are real good too that during your stay you’ll might even spot a jaguar patting around in the forest! 
The Atta Rainforest Lodge is located at the foot of the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. Lodging there makes it an easy trek through the canopies to take in the breath taking beauty of towering trees, unique flowers and endangered and protected species. From the range of decks you will find yourself exploring with a new perspective at mid and upper canopy allowing for a respectful observation of animals and plants such as Jaguars, the bullet wood trees, greenheart and the waramadan who only lives in that forest and no where else on earth.
The Lodge provides three home-cooked meals daily and serves freshly prepared free range beef, chicken and fish. The Parrot-A-Fly Bar is fully stocked with spirits and all meals are served family style. 
The Accommodations are 8 newly enclosed buildings with attached bathrooms. Or you Amy certainly opt in to sleep open air in a swinging hammock. The showers are open air allowing you to take in the beauty of the canopy while you bathe. The water is warmed by the sun. I thought I’d better let some of you know it’s going to be fun…but very different from what you’re used to!