The Globetrotter featuring Vacationing Mindfully

Did you know wellness tourism has grown into a $639.4 billion industry and according to the American Psychological Association 45 percent of adults are so stressed that they can barely sleep? It comes then as no surprise that what we crave in a vacation is much more than a week at the shore. The wellness vacationer can expect all the usual fare of delish meals and sea side air along with the usual spa treatments but additionally to these, travelers are allowing medical doctors to perform tests and treatments to diagnose and harness the factors that caused us to need a vacation in the first place! The wellness vacation becomes a journey of mindful education, learning from experts more about our bodies and how we can take away and practice at home new skills to make our lives better.

At the Sha Wellness Clinic just south of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea you’ll find the perfect combination of relaxation and sun-soaked days are balanced with science and education for each guest. While there you will meet with both medical doctors and specialists in nutrition, sleep and learn how what you are doing all year contributes to burn out. Their practice of the Sha Method is at the hallmark of their experience and The Sha Wellness Clinic has been at the forefront of wellness vacationing for over a decade. They use traditional spa treatments such as hydrotherapy circuits and healthy meals, mud baths and massages combined with the science of neurocognitive- development, acupuncture, cellar bioanaylsis and photobiomodulation methods. Doctors analyze and perform treatments to improve liver function, memory and overall better wellness.

If traveling to Valencia is not your cup of tea you need look no further than the states for experiences in vacationing that exceed the local expectation of a pool and really great food. Cal-a-vie located in San Diego offers a healthy dose of rest and relaxation with the added benefits of a EEG headband that monitors your brains activity while meditating and provides a audio soundscape to reset your focus in the hopes that once you return home you are more in-line and balanced. In Texas, at The Lake Austin Spa Resort you’ll find an aquatic craniosacral therapy treatment done in the pool where pressure is applied to your spine as you float to optimize relaxation.

Whether you choose a vacation for it’s ambiance or are a foodie looking to learn a new recipe and replicate at home to impress your friends; the new wave of wellness is a welcome addition to the tourism industry. Providing the traveler with education and a new sense of balance is a better way to take time off. Not only does this enhance an already well deserved respite from our daily grinds but the lasting effect of learning tools that we can take home and utilize everyday makes making a wellness component of any get away an important factor. We all know when we feel better we are better both inside and out so the spa wellness vacation has the added benefits of lasting well beyond the actual stay.

Keep on Wandering!