The Traveling Texan Adventures with a purpose Nat Geo Journeys

There’s more to a vacation when your purpose in using your free-time is in giving back. Recently I stumbled upon a great partnership between G Adventures and National Geographic Journeys where your adventure is a socially responsible one. I was so impressed with the philosophy behind their purpose that I am now a Nat Geo Specialist Agent. Since 1990, G Adventures has integrated 60 social enterprises into over 180 tours to ensure the places visited see tangible benefits. When you choose to go on one of their tours the restaurants, accommodations and excursions are all tailored in a partnership to assist the communities which they serve.

This type of travel allows you to delve deep into the culture providing unique interactions with local experts. For example you can go on safari in South Africa with a team member of National Geographic research project or take an immersive sushi making class from a local chef in Japan. Or you can take a dual-narrative walking tour in Old Jerusalem with both a guide from Palestine and another from Israel! You can even plant trees in Costa Rica. There’s so much more to explore while making lasting life long friendships along your way.

The experience of travel is taken to new heights with the satisfaction that you have done some good while away on holiday. If you’re worried that this type of exploration comes with slack accommodations and security you can leave those thoughts behind. All National Geographic Journeys clients enjoy comfortable accommodations and a freedom to roam and explore within the structure of a secured small group.

Keep on Wandering it’s good for your soul~